#MYMUDGEAR | Post, Tag, and Win!

MudGear wants to thank YOU for wearing US so well! That’s why we’re giving away free MudGear to our favorite #mymudgear posts on Instagram feeds every month. In fact, we’ll be naming 3 WINNERS (Best in OCR, Best in Trail, and Best in Ruck) every month throughout 2021. That means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to throw on your MudGear as you train hard, crush obstacles, blaze trails, or ruck for miles. 

Include two tags on your post: 

  • Hashtag Number 1: #mymudgear

  • Hashtag Number 2: Your choice of #obstaclecourseracing , #trailrunning, or #rucking. Use whichever tag best describes your interest / what you’re doing in the post.  

We know you’ll look amazing, but it’s not a beauty contest. We just want to share the experience with you - especially if you have a good story to tell in the post’s caption. Don’t forget to include #mymudgear so we don’t miss a thing… along with the your choice of #obstaclecourseracing , #trailrunning, or #rucking.

Tag MudGear on Instagram

Feel free to tag us in stories as well, but we'll be monitoring Instagram feeds to find our winners and then announce them in our email, on social media, and contacted directly at the end of each month. Winners can forward their prizes to friends and family who desperately need to experience the MudGear difference for themselves; but if you prefer to keep the prize for yourself, we can’t blame you!


MyMudGear winners for January


MYMUDGEAR winners for February





My MudGear Winners | June

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