Q&A with Conquer The Gauntlet OCR Race Series

We're excited to announce that MudGear will be an Official Sponsor of Conquer The Gauntlet Race Series in 2017.

We absolutely love partnering with obstacle course races that are delivering life-changing experiences to participants.  Conquer The Gauntlet is a family owned company that lives and breathes OCR. All of the founders are present at every race, and work tirelessly to bring you the best obstacles.

Our sponsorship includes working together on a custom Conquer The Gauntlet MudGear compression sock that is going to look incredible.  It will be available at the races and also awarded to top finishers at each event.

For those newer to the CTG races, we recently caught up with one of the race directors, Courtney Mainprize, who explained more about the series:

1) For people who have done a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, why should Conquer the Gauntlet be on their list for 2017?

Because life is for living! When we started CTG, we wanted to put a ton of obstacles in just a few miles. We have more unique obstacles packed into a 4 mile trail than either of these races. Our obstacles are really what keeps people coming back.

We strive to provide the perfect balance of challenging and fun. CTG is the most elite race for the competitive runners, and the most fun for those running open wave. Also, it's cheaper than any other event so you can do more races every year!

2) What is it that makes the CTG experience special?

Hands down the most unique thing about CTG is the atmosphere. Each of our races has a family and community feel. The CTG owners, family, and staff are present at every race.

We interact with the runners and most of the time you won't even know it. Every runner who crosses the finish line becomes part of the #ctgfamily. Someone is always ready to congratulate you, and if you come back to race again, you might see that same person the second time you cross the finish line.  

3) What's different about CTG this year? Are you guys trying anything new?

We are always trying new things and improving each year. New obstacles, new spins on existing obstacles. We're also building more challenging obstacles for elites and funner obstacles for open wave runners.

We really focus on creating a unique experience that makes it about the runners. The obstalces and course are our tools to tell that story. We will be expanding the east coast this year which is HUGE for us. We are having an Atlanta race, and adding two new Texas locations in Houston and Central Texas.

4) Do you have a favorite CTG obstacle?

I really love Tarzan Swing. I know a lot of people are groaning from just the mention of that obstacle, but it has been my favorite since we built it. It was the first obstacle we built back in 2012 and it has evolved so much since then. It's really fun to see how the obstacles change as our runners perform better and we become more innovative.

Interested in joining a CTG race? Here's their 2017 schedule:

  • March 25, 2017: Houston
  • April 29, 2017: Central Texas
  • May 13, 2017: Atlanta
  • June 3, 2017: Dallas
  • June 24, 2017: Oaklahoma City
  • July 15, 2017: Wichita
  • August 5, 2017: Des Moines
  • August 26, 2017: Tulsa
  • September 16, 2017: Little Rock
  • Fall 2017: Kansas City CTG/XTC

Visit Conquer The Gauntlet here on their website for more detailed information.

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