A Rucking Memorial (100 Miles)

Weighted walks (aka, rucking) were essential to military training and operations long before it became a social activity or civilian workout. For every mile that has ever been rucked by a civilian just wanting a challenge, countless more have been rucked by men and women of our armed forces in order to defend our country. 

In preparation for Memorial Day (2019), Nick Bares rucked 100 miles with 50 lbs. on his back to connect with and honor surviving veterans and fallen heroes who fought and suffered for their country.  

Hauling 50 pounds for 100 miles over 30 hours offers plenty of time for pain, reflection, and gratitude. That's not to suggest there's no gratitude during Memorial Day cookouts or swim parties. Those are freedoms for which we can celebrate and be grateful. Nevertheless, if you feel disconnected from those who are paying the price, strap on a sack, and start moving!

BTW. Nick Bares doesn't just ruck alone. Look for this Texan at big ruck gatherings like the annual Bataan Memorial Death March in New Mexico. 

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