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Rucking has been positioned as the outdoor fitness hobby for people who hate running. Since CrossFitters hate running, rucking seems like a natural fit.  Let's flashback to the 2019 CrossFit Games...

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February 27 2021

1,000 Mile Challenge  

Every year, more and more crazies are taking on the 1,000 Mile Challenge as a way to stay moving and give to worthwhile charities. Instead of regurgitating all of the bad that happened last year, let’s get excited about all the good we can do in 2021.

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January 09 2021

Rack Up on Rucking Patches

Rucking Challenges is a subscription service that provides participants with legitimate rucking challenges every month and coordinating collectable patches.

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November 14 2020

The Standard

The Standard documents 40 civilians battling their way through a grueling 48-hour endurance ruck designed and led by 10 special forces cadre. If they want to make the cut, they have to meet the standard.

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September 19 2020