No Stopping Samuel "Shades" Koehler

One of MudGear's favorite experiences during the 2022 Obstacle Course Racing World Championships was watching Samuel "Shades" Koehler take on the 15k up Stratton Mountain. Shades is 14-years-old, legally blind, and unstoppable! Alongside his guide and family friend, Joey, Shades had 100% obstacle completion in all 3 of his events. He actually shaved over an hour off of his 15k time. 

Funny story. MudGear's cameraman was trying to keep up with Shades and Joey, but the mountain was just too much. "I need to pause for a second. Y'all go ahead, and I'll catch up," our guy said. HE DIDN'T CATCH UP! Only after a gondola ride back to the base were we finally able to film again.

Samuel's parents, Debbie and Josh, are incredible... and Rachel (sister) is worthy of her own feature. COMING SOON!

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