Time to Take Texans Seriously

We know the mantra. Everything is bigger in Texas. In the OCR world, however, the Lonestar State hasn’t gotten the respect it is due.   

Sure, obstacle course racing is big in Texas. In fact, the Lone Star Spartans are often one of the biggest OCR groups at races throughout the country. Texas has even hosted some incredible championship events. So, what’s the problem? Texas winners are often treated like an island to themselves. “Sure, you won Austin,” some say, “but you wouldn’t stand a chance at Big Bear.” Translation? Texas is too flat to yield viable contenders.  

For the record. We love Texas! Aside from representing MudGear as well as anyone, the state has some of the most down-to-earth, kindest, but ferociously competitive athletes in the sport. Our friend, Yancy Culp, may be the epitome of Texas OCR’s best qualities. That’s why top-tier athletes from around the world coach for and train with Yancy Camp. Nevertheless, when it comes down to “who to watch” and “who to fear” conversations, Texas champions are often forgotten.

Alas, the winds may be changing. Spartan’s Power Rankings for June list 3 Texans among the top athletes in the sport. Meanwhile, The OCR report just highlighted one Texan’s accomplishment that should impress anyone. 

Alexandra Walker

What can we say? We were A.W. fans and lobbyists long before Spartan finally took notice and added her to their pro roster. Alex has been dominating Texas and neighboring state races for years. However, this year may be something extra special. Spartan’s Power Rankings have Alex as the #2 Best Woman Right Now noting her double podium in Austin (including winning the Super). However, The OCR Report showcased Alex as the first American woman to win all three trifecta events in Ohio.  


If she can avoid injury, Alexandra Walker could quite possibly have the most successful year of her career. 

Kris Rugloski


The only woman to beat Alex at the Austin Sprint was fellow Texan, Kris Rugloski. She has less races and wins under her belt, but Kris is turning heads and making her name known. She won this year’s Central Texas Savage Race and San Antonio Spartan all while representing her home gym, Grit Fitness. Though most of her wins have been in Texas, Spartan’s Power Rankings has Kris as the #8 Best Woman Right Now. If you haven’t raced with her yet, you may recognize Kris from season 1 of the Titan Games.   

Victor Quezada 

Spartan says he’s #9. We say he belongs higher. Then again, with the nickname Dark Horse in his Instagram handle, Victor seems used to being underestimated… that is, unless you're from the area. Everyone who races regularly in Texas knows Victor is the guy to beat. He won the Austin Super and San Antonio Sprint and podiumed at his other two races. This family man doesn’t schedule as many races as a lot of pros; but this Texan is a contender anywhere he races. Plus, check the tape. Victor probably had the best showing on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge aside from the Sheriff himself. We look forward to seeing what he does in the rest of 2021. 

For the record, MudGear isn’t based out of Texas. Nobody begged us to feel their pain or report on how badly they’ve been treated. So, don’t think Texans are a bunch of whiners. For your own safety and the love of God, definitely don’t ever call them that to their face. Just take note. 

They say “everything is bigger in Texas” for a reason. It means Texans won’t stand going unnoticed for long. As one Lone Star Spartan said, “Don’t just remember the Alamo. Remember the whole d--n state!”

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