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A review by Michelle Brook


I was on the market for a pair of well put together crew socks for the on/off season trail runs/hikes. The moment I put on MudGear’s 1/4 Crew Trail Socks, I knew right then and there that the right purchase was made! Not only are these socks super comfortable out on a trail run, they also allow your feet to breathe, which is super important. These socks also provide your feet with the right amount of support and no slippage. I didn’t have to worry about adjusting or pulling up the socks while running.

The ¼ inch crew cut is the perfect length for open trails throughout the year. I will never run in 100% socks again! These socks have changed my trail running experience for the better!

Running a trail, I am often worried about rocks and debris coming through and becoming trapped; not anymore! These socks are tight enough to keep these elements out, but still bare enough space as they are not a compression fit. MudGear’s ¼ Crew Trail Socks deliver high quality comfort/support, allowing optimal performance, even throughout tough conditions. Whether flat, rocky, or muddy terrain, these socks will allow you to push through and make it to the finish line.

These socks have surpassed my expectations out on the trails, and I hope they will exceed yours as well!

Side Note: These trail socks are also perfect for every day wear! I can’t lie…I wear them to work and around the house ALL THE TIME!! Just goes to show just how comfortable they truly are.

– Michelle Brook

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