Training Grounds Spotlight

Among the businesses hit hardest in 2020 were owners of OCR training facilities that had to close shop for months at a time, some never opening their doors again. MudGear wants to spotlight OCR gyms and outdoor facilities that are open for business and committed to a comeback. 

We Want to Promote Your Facility

MudGear regularly spotlights OCR training grounds. It's our chance to tell your story and send people your way. 

Obstacle Course Racing Training Grounds

Tell Us More About You

Before we can pick our monthly winners, we need to know more about your training grounds. Email to tell us what makes your training grounds special.

  • Type "Training Grounds Spotlight" as the subject.
  • Be sure to include these essentials:
    • Facility name
    • City
    • Website
    • Facility type (indoor, outdoor, ninja, Spartan, etc.)
    • Who's the boss? (It's not just a great 80s sitcom)
    • Who trains here? (What teams or individuals are racing a lot?)

We look forward to hearing more about your site. Stay tuned for the next MudGear Training Grounds Spotlight.

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