Tulsa Half n Half Road/Trail Marathon

MudGear is not just about muddy trails. With the Boston Marathon coming up on Monday, we’ll gladly pay respect to the world's oldest annual marathon. Then, there's the lesser known, but super cool Tulsa Half n Half - as in half road / half trail marathon. It's the best of both worlds, and more cities should replicate this format.  

December 5th, 2021 | Turkey Mountain, Tulsa, Oklahoma

There are actually a few options at the Tulsa Half n Half Marathon. Participants can run a half marathon on the Turkey Mountain dirt trails or a half marathon on the Riverside paved pedestrian trails. Full-marathoners can run the first half on trails and second half on paved trails or the entire distance on the paved trails.
The dirt trail terrain isn't too technical, but sensitive strikers might want to change shoes or wear a hybrid sneaker to adjust from one surface to the other.
The Tulsa Half n Half Marathon is really a super fun race and a rare opportunity to experience both race styles. Not to mention, their medals are usually pretty awesome!
Learn more about the Tulsa Half n Half at https://halfandhalf.run/.

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