James Tadeo of Ontario, Canada, is 50+ years old and has made multiple attempts at completing a Spartan Ultra. His best attempt was last year at Owl’s Head (Quebec), where he was well into his second round (already completing the distance of one Beast) when heavy storms moved in causing Spartan to cancel the race mid-stride. Now, James is looking for the perfect opportunity to make one final attempt.

Van Life between Spartan Races

While completing his Ultra has been the goal, James concurs with Emerson; “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Finish lines are far less meaningful without what happens on the way. So, along with racking up a story or two from every race he has run, James has also enjoyed customizing his Dodge Grand Caravan to fully immerse himself into a Spartan’s journey.

Van Life between Spartan Races

We’ve enjoyed following Jame’s Van Life on Instagram and encourage you to buy him a coffee while following his Ko-Fi blog.

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