Hybrid events like Hyrox and DEKA are surging in popularity for many passionate OCR enthusiasts. These races feature functional fitness stations like the sled push, sled pull, and sandbag lunges. More than ever before, athletes feel the importance of high-powered traction to stabilize their steps in these events.


There are plenty of options for shoe treads that promote traction, but what about the socks inside those shoes? New advances in sock design for hybrid athletes are giving new options for achieving maximum traction and performance. 

While shoe treads grip onto the ground or station surfaces to provide driven movement, they overlook a crucial area: inside the shoe. This space is absolutely crucial for precision and stability in Hybrid athletics. 

This crucial area can be stabilized by socks designed to increase traction. These socks introduce new functionality to sub-shoe footwear by adding grip to already useful mechanisms of compression and cushion. As the market for this kind of sock booms with the advent of Hybrid Training and racing, two options take center stage.


MudGear Hybrid Fitness Socks with Grip

The MudGear Hybrid Training Sock is the perfect example of this technique. This sock is over-engineered by design to protect foot stability and improve performance. The key feature of these socks for increased traction during hybrid racing is their ribbed construction. Not just for your pleasure, these meticulously placed ridges increase friction by digging into your foot and shoe just like the tread on a tire. Similar to a tire, the deeper the groove, the stronger its traction power. 

The overall effect of these grooves is a kind of shoe sole on the sock— without sacrificing the comfort, flexibility, and tactile nature of a spectacular compression sock. The ridges continue up the sides of the Hybrid Sock to lock in the heel and ankle to prevent blisters and reduce the overall risk of foot-related injuries. 

These socks are a great fit for athletes who prefer a low-profile athletic sock that adds security without feeling much different from their usual attire. It’s also great for any MudGear fanatics who want to keep repping the brand and enjoying its unmatched quality but feel the need for gear that has evolved to match this new era of racing events.


GripSocks Hybrid Fitness Socks with Grip Dots

A relatively new development in the world of traction-focused sock design, grippy socks are best known for their use in professional soccer. However, these socks have infiltrated many new sports and activities because of their incredible gripping ability. The GripSocks ¼ Crew Height Socks provide intense security through a series of rubberized gripping dots that secure the foot inside the shoe. 

GripSocks have all the benefits of a well-designed racing sock plus the addition of superior traction. The grip pads on the socks adhere to the inside of any shoe to prevent slips and micro-adjustments. These heavy-duty grip socks promise unmatched durability and stability. Also, the socks reduce the risk of blisters and injury. 

The additive nature of the grip dots doesn’t add much bulk to the sock, but they’re definitely grippy.  GripSocks retain the comfort of other racing socks while staying at the forefront of non-slip sock technology. These socks are not going anywhere, perfect for the most intensive of activities like the sled push or pull to avoid overstressing your feet. 

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