All Eyes on Lauren Weeks

If you haven't jumped on the Lauren Weeks fan bus yet, ALL ABOARD!


Many of us first learned about Lauren through her participation in last October's Spartan Games weekend where she competed with world-class athletes and champions from obstacle course racing, marathon, ultrarunning, adventure racing, XTERRA, Olympic triathlon, NFL, American Ninja Warrior and more. The 4-episode coverage of the Spartan Games featured very few interviews with Lauren, but she seemed gracious and unassuming. When she spoke, the subtitle under her name simply read: CrossFit and Deka Athlete.

Our first instinct was, "Um, okay."  There are a lot of CrossFit athletes, and many of us are still learning what Deka is all about. Still, we thought she has to be fairly successful in her discipline to even be invited to the Games (Can you say, "understatement"?). Lauren went on to place 3rd overall only behind Lindsay Webster and Corinna Coffin. Who is this girl?!  


It was just a couple of weeks after the Games when Lauren asked a question on Instagram. 

Lauren Weeks prepares for Hyrox World Championship

Yeah, it worked out. She didn't just go... she showed up! Alongside men's champion, Hunter McIntyre, Lauren ended last year as the HYROX World Champion of Fitness 2020. You can watch her winning performance on HYROX's YouTube channel.


As we all await HYROX's Virtual World Championships of Fitness in February and return to live events in April, Lauren has been in reflection mode. She has shared about how scared she was at her first, big CrossFit event. More recently, Lauren reflected on her first OCR.    

"This here was my first obstacle course race. Once again I almost got eliminated in that very first round. I skimmed into one of the last spots to move forward by the skin of my teeth."

"I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into and performance was not my biggest worry this time. I had not been on obstacles before and these just seemed so intimidating (this one pictured was so high!!). First run through I failed multiple obstacles but somehow made it through to the semis. And clean runs after that!

"I was fortunate to get to try TMX before it disappeared! It was such a fun experience and unlike anything I have done before or since!

"Fail, learn, grow."



We love rooting for real people who conquer obstacles on the course and in themselves. Fear and doubt can be debilitating, but the strong push through anyway. Good on ya, Lauren, for coming so far and sharing your story!



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