MudGear Fanatic: Lisa Wawrzynowski

Superstar Athlete Lisa Wawrzynowski pushes her limits lifting weights in MudGear mid-length shorts and compression socks
Liza Wawrzynowski (lisa_marie42) is a health economist and self-described "avid outdoor enthusiast" from Connecticut. Wawrzynowski competes in OCR, trail, rucking, and hybrid events. When she isn't training for an event, Wawrzynowski still likes to get outside with her two dogs. She looks forward to using her fitness to explore new places with her faithful canine crew. 
Wawrzynowski's go-to gear includes MudGear Ruck Socks and Flex-Fit Compression Shorts. Ruck socks are an obvious choice for her, as Rucking is one of her favorite event categories. She says the shorts are a perfect length, don't ride up, and most importantly they have functional, secure pockets with plenty of room for gels on the go. Wawrzynowski always chooses MudGear when she's looking for comfort, durability, and excellent interaction with customer feedback. 
August 12-13th, Wawrzynowski took over the MudGear Instagram to commemorate her experiences at MudGear sponsored event, Rally in the Valley. She provided a play-by-play of her adventures with one of the most competitive fields of women in America.
 Even when she isn't controlling the MudGear social channels, Wawrzynowski actively uses her own social media to recap her adventures, tally her races, and provide inspiration to other athletes and people who may just be getting started. It has always been important to Wawrzynowski that she shows the highs and the lows of her fitness journey in order to provide realistic expectations for others. "I share the ups and downs of my lifestyle to shows that we all struggle or have setbacks but ultimately an active and adventurous lifestyle has so many amazing benefits and is so worth it!"

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