MudGear Fanatic: Taylor Hall

MudGear Athlete Taylor Hall flexes after a grueling Goliath At The Gorge race.

Taylor Hall (taylorjae__) is an OCR enthusiast and MudGear Fanatic. When she's not working on her own fitness and wellness, Hall works in healthcare, helping others. 

Five years ago, Hall didn't have a clue how to work out. She couldn't run a mile. The fact that she's now an athlete who goes out and tackles anything from half marathons to obstacle courses... that makes her really proud. 

Her story is inspiring, but not as rare as many would believe. Hall, like all of the MudGear community, knows the importance of inspiring others to just take that first leap. Hall encourages athletes new and old to celebrate the small victories and give grace for falling short. A fitness journey is just that: a journey. Every fitness journey has to start somewhere, and growth like this Fanatic's is motivating as hell. Who knows what any of us could do if we dedicated ourselves to achieving it? 

Now, Hall is moving on and moving up. She's excited to tackle Hyrox Dallas in November- with MudGear by her side, of course. MudGear Socks will always be her go-to. "Tall, short, neon, or muddy," Hall knows what she likes and knows MudGear does it best. She also takes pride in her membership as a part of MudGear's community. she appreciates the community's willingness to listen and learn equally, as well as MudGear's unique ability to grow with our athletes. 


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