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Premium Compresssion Socks That Last All Day Strong

Run, Hike, Work, Recover With Maximum Stability

When it comes to running, Compression Socks are more than accessories. For athletes and weekend warriors alike, MudGear Men’s and Women’s Knee-high Compression Socks for running and hiking are essential performance gear. They are also what put MudGear on the map. We originally designed these over-the-calf running socks to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions of trail running and military-style obstacle course races like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. Since then, MudGear originals have been accepted and praised as more than OCR compression socks. MudGear’s “Made Tougher” anatomy has become the gold standard for athletic compression socks throughout the United States.

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    Go the Distance with
    Compression Socks

    More and more short and ultra distance racers are running with compression socks for the first time. They come to us seeking 15-20 mmhg compression socks because they heard somewhere that’s the way to go. However, they quickly learn and prefer the benefits of MudGear’s true graduated compression. The resulting fit and feel make MudGear more than the perfect compression socks for trail running and obstacle events. They double as many athletes’ favorite recovery compression socks.

    MudGear Tall Compression Socks Made in the USA

    Not one thread in MudGear socks is by accident. From the double backing behind the calf to the strategic venting and moisture management, every stitch is deliberate resulting in the ultimate sports compression socks. Along with obstacle course racing and trail running, the durability of MudGear Tall Compression Socks also makes them the perfect compression socks for mountain biking, hiking, hunting, or any other heavy-duty outdoor activity. Click your favorite style and learn more about what makes MudGear compression socks so unique.

    We’re not claiming MudGear tall compression socks are the only kind out there. They’re just the best! Ours are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest performance socks you can find; but mile for mile, dollar for dollar, no other sock delivers more durability and overall value than MudGear Tall Compression socks. See how they stack up against the competition as you read about the Best Socks for Trail Running and the Best Socks for Obstacle Course Racing. You’ll see why top athletes agree. MudGear Socks truly are Made Tougher!

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