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What are the Best Socks for Rucking?

Good rucking socks are essential for injury prevention, performance, and enjoyment.

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March 04 2020

Q&A with Savage Race Co-Founder Lloyd Parker

Savage Race was founded in 2011 with a course of 4-6 miles that has 25 world class obstacles. They pride themselves on not being your average mud race and guarantee...

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February 08 2017

Q&A with The Battlegrounds Mud Run

We're excited to announce that MudGear will be an Official Sponsor of The Battlegrounds Mud Run.  The Battlegrounds is a fixed course facility near St. Louis  that features over 30 fantastic...

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January 25 2017

The OCRWC MudGear Wall of Fame

Thanks to all our friends who stopped by the MudGear tent at the OCR World Championships in Ontario.  Here's our MudGear Wall of Fame honoring many of our MudGear wearing...

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October 26 2016

MudGear Named Official Sock of the 2016 OCR World Championships

“Water, mud, debris: They can all work against OCR athletes, especially when it comes to their legs and feet,” said OCRWC Sponsorship Director Sandra Sawyer. “Because the comfort of our...

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August 31 2016

ESPN Trailer for 8/2 BattleFrog League Championship

Airing 8/2 on ESPN...

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July 29 2016

The Ultimate OCR Pre-Race Checklist

  Besides proper training, eating right, and getting your mind prepared for an OCR race - it's critical to have the day before all planned out and ready before you...

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May 05 2016

MudGear: Official Socks of the 2016 ESPN Battlefrog College Championship and League Championship

Hi, it's Malko here. Last week I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to see the Season 2 filming of the 2016 ESPN Battlefrog College Championships and League Championship. This show has 16 co-ed...

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March 25 2016

Kevin “MudMan” LaPlatney: OCR Expert and Evangelist

Kevin is the founder of the premiere OCR race review website The Mudman Report, and has been a long standing member of Team MudGear. The Mudman Report is a comprehensive...

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February 22 2016

Meet Elliott Megquier: World Record Holder for the Most Spartan Race Podium Wins

MudGear is proud to announce Elliott Megquier as a 2016 Sponsored Team MudGear Athlete. Elliott was the first elite athlete to wear MudGear on the race course 4 seasons ago,...

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February 21 2016

Meet Laura Lunardi: OCR & Ultra-Marathon Crusher

MudGear is proud to announce Laura Lunardi as part of Team MudGear. She’s been a star athlete since her college days, a Division 1 athlete in both field hockey and...

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February 20 2016

Meet K.K. Stewart-Paul: Obstacle Course Dominator

     MudGear is proud to announce K.K. Stewart-Paul as part of Team MudGear. As a Crossfit endurance enthusiast, mountain runner, and former equine trainer - she now dominates OCR...

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February 19 2016

Meet Brakken Kraker: “I Am OCR”

MudGear is proud to announce OCR pro Brakken Kraker as part of Team MudGear. Since 2014 Brakken has been a full-time OCR racer, but his beginnings started at the Illinois...

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February 18 2016

Meet Robert Killian Jr.: “The Captain”

MudGear is proud to announce Robert Killian Jr. as part of Team MudGear. Robert has a distinguished career in the US Army Special Forces, routinely working with coalition allies throughout...

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February 17 2016

Meet Jackie Landmark: OCR Addict & Supermom

MudGear is proud to announce Jackie Landmark as part of Team MudGear. A self-professed OCR addict, she currently lives in Deerfield, MA with her husband and five kids. In less...

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February 16 2016

Meet Janet Barry: Rising Star

MudGear is proud to announce Janet Barry as part of Team MudGear. She’s a 25-year old athlete that competes in both OCR and road races. In her first OCR race...

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February 15 2016

The Top Teams of Obstacle Course Racing

Training and racing as part of an awesome OCR team takes the enjoyment to another level.  The bonds formed in the mud are priceless, formed by pushing your teammates over...

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March 16 2015

More than Mud - Christopher Acord

More than Mud is an article and interview series dedicated to documenting the incredible characters and stories that we come across in the world of OCR and outdoor adventure and endurance racing...

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January 21 2015

MudGear Unleashes New Online Store for Mud Run Apparel at

MudGear, a new brand of outdoor performance apparel and gear for mud runs, obstacle courses, and adventure races has launched a new ecommerce storefront at   The site features first-edition MudGear...

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March 07 2014

MudGear Launches Gear Partnership with F3 Nation

MudGear Obstacle Race Apparel is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with F3 Nation to be the exclusive provider of F3 licensed gear and apparel. Under terms of the...

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October 17 2013