Trail Etiquette 101: How to Be a Responsible and Respectful Runner

Trail running offers an exhilarating escape for many runners. Like any good thing, it comes with responsibility. Runners are responsible for respecting the trails and other users. Practicing good trail etiquette keeps the trails open for everyone to use. Below, we'll go over the dos and don'ts of trail running and how choosing MudGear's durable gear can make a difference in preserving our trails for generations to come.

The Dos and Don'ts of Trail Running

  1. Stay on Marked Trails:
  • Do: Follow designated paths to minimize your impact on the environment. Straying from trails causes erosion and harms local flora and fauna.
  • Don't: Cut corners or create new paths. It damages the trail and can lead to habitat destruction.
  1. Leave No Trace:
  • Do: Carry out everything you bring in. This includes all trash, waste, and any other items. Yes- even food waste like banana peels or apple cores. 
  • Don't: Litter or leave behind waste. Even biodegradable items can take a long time to decompose and may not be native to the ecosystem.
  1. Respect Wildlife:
  • Do: Observe animals from a distance. If you encounter wildlife, give them space and avoid disturbing their natural behaviors.
  • Don't: Feed or attempt to touch wildlife. Human food can harm animals, and you probably don't want to lure in any of the less-friendly creatures on the trail.
  1. Share the Trail:
  • Do: Yield to other trail users. Typically, runners yield to hikers and both yield to equestrians. Communicate politely when passing.
  • Don't: Hog the trail or startle others. Use a friendly warning, like calling out or ringing a bell, to let others know you're approaching.

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How MudGear Supports Responsible Trail Running

Eco-Friendly Gear:

MudGear's commitment to durability means less waste over time. Choosing gear that stands up to the demands of trail running without needing frequent replacement is a step towards sustainability.

Trail Preservation:

Using durable, specifically designed trail gear like MudGear's helps reduce trail damage. Proper footwear minimizes trail wear, and lightweight, breathable clothing reduces the need for frequent washing, saving water and energy.


Trail running is a privilege that comes with the responsibility of caring for our environment. Practicing good trail etiquette keeps our trails healthy, and choosing low-waste gear like MudGear's helps keep our earth healthy. By respecting the environment and fellow trail users we can foster a respectful and responsible trail-running community.

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