MudGear is Performance Apparel for Outdoor Warriors

MudGear is outdoor performance gear for outdoor athletes.  We don't run on treadmills and we don't make gym clothes. We build rugged, tactical gear for top athletes competing in OCR, trail running, and endurance events.  We believe we were all made to get outside and get dirty.  We believe that toughness is not measured by machines or counted on clipboards.  We believe that glory is won outside, against fierce competition, where the fiercest is Mother Nature herself.

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MudGear OCR Socks mentioned in The Seattle Times

"Protect your lower legs with the MudGear Compression Obstacle Race Socks, which are designed with a layer of padding that protects from rope burn on climbs and long traverses, and other injuries." 
- Mark Yuasa, The Seattle Times

"After training and racing in the MudGear apparel, it is going to be tough to go with any other products that will match their quality and performance I experienced in the testing period. I have been running for 30 years and this is the first time I have just been knocked off my feet with an apparel line that performed from the first wear to the last. I cannot recommend the MudGear Apparel line enough for any OCR racer out there that needs comfortable but tough apparel to race and train in." 
- Michael Matter, Mud and Adventure

"MudGear is company that focuses on making the best obstacle racing specific gear around. They even have the slogan, “Because warriors are not made on treadmills.” This speaks to their entire approach to creating tough enduring garments that have all the needed features for a long wet and muddy race." 
- Dario, Dirty Miles Obstacle Course Racing

"If I were to rate the quality of MudGear it would get the highest of marks. I really think these guys are on to something and think you’ll agree." 
- Nate DeMontigny, New England Spahtens Obstacle Course Racing Team


MudGear is What to Wear to a Mud Run

Tough Mud Run Gear to Wear in a Mud Run or Obstacle Race
Wondering what to wear to a mud run?  The best apparel is specifically made to handle the demands of the obstacle race course.  Imagine this: You’re an hour into a 12-mile race.  You’re coming out of a 200-yard barbed wire belly crawl and about to fight through a neck-deep pit of muck.  There’s a so-called elite athlete on your heels but he’s already suffering from a razor cut and the cheese grater that just tore up his abs.   You bear down and pull away so fast he can’t see the logo on the back of your badass race jersey.  You won’t find a better race jersey, period.