MudGear UltraSport SeatShield (Orange Logo)


  • Are you still sitting on towels?
  • Protect your seat from sweat and mud with SeatShield
  • Completely waterproof, sweatproof, and odor-proof
  • Soft and comfortable microfleece top
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Machine Washable

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Size Chart

Size Inches
Length 57"
Width 27.5"

Product Description

The MudGear UltraSport Waterproof SeatShield is made with a buttery soft microfiber top that feels great on your skin and a durable backing that blocks sweat and water from your seat. It works equally well on cloth or leather seats.

What makes the SeatShield different?
The SeatShield uses a patented design and special fabrics to make it waterproof and very odor-resistant, as well as quick and easy to use. SeatShields are soft and comfortable so they feel good when you sit on them in your running shorts, tennis attire or swimsuit.

SeatShields are designed to protect your car seats after sports, exercise and outdoor activities. By protecting your car seats from sweat and dirt, you'll keep them nice-looking and odor-free for the life of your vehicle.

How does SeatShield work?
SeatShield has a pouch at the top that slips over the headrest and shoulders of the seat to hold it in place. The bottom of the cover is loose and drapes over the seat. This allows it to fit any vehicle and makes it very quick to place and remove.

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