Padded Arm Sleeves by Mudgear
Padded Arm Sleeves by Mudgear Sizing Guide
Padded Arm Sleeves - Great for mud runs, football, and general arm protection
Padded Arm Sleeves by Mudgear - Build for Tough Outdoor Sports
OCR- Premium Compression Elbow Sleeves
Mudgear maker of Padded Arm Sleeves
Padded Arm Sleeves by Mudgear
Padded Arm Sleeves - Low Profile Padding

Padded Arm Sleeves (1 Pair)

A 2-Pack of Premium Compression Elbow Sleeves with Low Profile Padding for OCR and contact sports.

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  • Tough and durable
  • 4-way stretch with strong elastic prevents slipping
  • Low profile waterproof padding
  • Great for mud runs, football, and general arm protection
  • 2 sleeves included

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“These sleeves allow me to race all weekend without having to hide scratches or bruises on Monday.”

Product Description

Made Tougher, Like You.

Padded Armor

MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves were built for tough outdoor competition in obstacle course racing, but the solid construction makes them a great compression arm sleeve and protective pad for other outdoor sports. Don't just show up. Arrive with every advantage. These sleeves are a slap in the face to every athlete getting scratched and banged up unnecessarily. By shielding your arms from surface-level abrasions, you can go all out without painful distractions. 

Light, but Tight

Our sleeves sport a premium quality upper band with rubber grip that prevents the sleeve from slipping during intense training and competition. Unlike most indoor padded sleeves, however, MudGear's padding is a dense, low-profile design that does not retain water or sweat. That means superior protection around the elbow and forearm without weighing you down or hindering mobility.

Holster the Guns

Along with protecting your arms from scratches, scrapes, and hard impact, the sleeves extend mild compression from forearm to upper arm to maximizes joint and muscle support. This is especially important for preventing or treating bicep and tricep tendonitis during arm-intensive events.

Believe the Sleeve

Don't let the sleek design of MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves fool you into thinking we chose form over function. Our MADE TOUGHER commitment means premium performance is the top priority of every MudGear design. Their awesome appearance is just an added bonus. You're welcome!

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Product Features

Why Choose MudGear


Whether it's a football game or an obstacle course race, there is always someone or something there for the sole purpose of slowing you down. Plan ahead, and take countermeasures! MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves minimize the impact of hard walls and scratchy crawls. Oh, and enough with this "funnybone" talk. There's nothing funny about baning bows with a lineman or against the steel frame of a cargo net. MudGear Padded Arms Sleeves eliminate these concerns so you can take care of business while savoring the experience.

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