SPARTAN by MudGear No Show Sock
Mudgear - maker of SPARTAN No Show Sock
Best SPARTAN No Show Sock by Mudgear
Mudgear - maker of the best No Show Spartan Sock
SPARTAN by MudGear - the best No-Show Sock
MADE TOUGHER - Made in the USA No Show Socks by Mudgear
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SPARTAN by MudGear No-Show Sock

Premium Below-The-Ankle Race Socks For Spartan Minimalists; Ideal for Spartan Sprint, Spartan Stadion, and DEKA.

SPARTAN by MudGear No-Show Sock is Made in the USA
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  • NON-SLIP - Guaranteed to stay in place
  • COMFORTABLE - Cushioned with soft premium yarns
  • FAST WICKING - Advanced moisture management
  • VENTED - Top layer mesh venting reduces heat build-up
  • MADE TOUGHER - Made in the USA

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“I used to have a drawer of socks just for racing. Now, I wear MudGear No-Show socks everywhere, everyday. Racing, training, shopping, lounging. Yes, they're that comfortable!”

Product Description

Made Tougher, Like You

A Spartan Tough No-Show Sock

From heel to toe, the SPARTAN by MudGear No-Show Socks are built with the same advanced design as our acclaimed 1/4 crew race socks. The only difference occurs at the top, where our no-show version provides Achilles protection, then dips below the ankle for a stylish line just above your shoe top.

Guaranteed Not To Slip

No-show used to be a no-go when doing anything athletic - especially muddy Spartan races. They’d slip and bunch into the bottom of your shoe. Nobody needs that type of distraction mid-race.  Then, MudGear delivered midfoot compression that hugs the arch and keeps our no show socks firmly in place. GAME CHANGER! We kept things minimal, but accented with light cushioning and a seamless toe to prevent hot spots that cause blisters.

Built with American Grit

While importing shoddy work has become a norm in the sock industry, MudGear refuses to cut costs or corners. We know the world's toughest Spartans deserve the world’s best socks designed and engineered by industry leaders right here in the U.S.A. Our designers are experts in the technology of performance sock construction and understand the grit required to do what you do at a Spartan event.

Using Premium Yarns And Strong Construction

The difference starts with American yarn blends that are chosen for their durability and comfort.  Next, we engineered our no show running socks to achieve specific performance results: like venting to keep Spartans’ feet from heating; moisture management to shed sweat and drain after water obstacles; and abrasion resistance to withstand scrapes and rough surface level contact. Plus, we built in an under ankle tab design that hugs the achilles to keep out dirt from the trail.  In layman's terms, our running socks make your feet feel great.

And Tested In The Worst Conditions Possible

Normal testing of running socks involves a simple abrasion test to see how quickly they show wear.  Our testing involves putting them on the world's top Spartans and distance runners to see how they really stack up. Spoiler alert: they crushed it!

Through It All, We Were Made Tougher

Nobody said building a Spartan tough performance sock was going to be easy.  We heard a lot of "it's not done that way" and that our 25,000 mile warranty “isn’t practical".  At the end of the day, the trials and trails only made us tougher. Now, we're proud to offer the toughest, most comfortable no show running sock on the planet.

Infographic of SPARTAN by MudGear No-Show Sock

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear

Strategically Subtle

In a "Who are you wearing" world where influencers feel the need to flex their name-brand fashion, some athletes like to keep things discreet. It's called strategy - like a poker player barely lifting his cards so that only he knows what he's packing. That's the strategically subtle advantage that comes with SPARTAN by MudGear No-Show Socks. No need to broadcast you're wearing performance enhancing footwear. Let them figure it out when they hear "On your left" a millisecond before you pass. Then, as you stand atop the podium for your picture, kick off your shoes to show the world a collaborative masterpiece from Spartan & MudGear. Listen closely. For among the gentle sea of gasps, you'll hear a faint whisper of, "Oh, sh*t".

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