MudGear Custom Mud Run T Shirts (12 shirt minimum)

MudGear race jersey with a back logoDoes your team or organization have a logo you'd like to put on MudGear to make a custom mud run tee shirt?  MudGear can help you with custom screen printing.  All you need is a badass design for a front and/or back logo and at least 12 orders.

Here's How it Works

Come up with your logo or artwork design and send it to Final artwork will need to be in a vectorized .ai or .eps file format.  You can do this yourself, through a graphic artist, or we can do it for you for a fee, starting around $40.  You will see a final art proof before printing.  Next, you'll purchase at least 12 shirts to complete your order.  Orders with over 24 shirts will qualify for a 15% bulk discount.


If you've provided your own vector art, the only other setup fee is a screen charge, which runs $25 per color in the design. You will then pay a per shirt screen printing fee displayed below. The only other fee is the actual shipping cost of the finished shirts to you.

Price chart for logos on MudGear mud run shirts

Prices are per shirt, per logo and subject to change.


Here's an example...

20 short sleeve MudGear Fitted Race Jerseys with a one color logo on the back, when you provide the vector logo art file.

Fee Cost Per Shirt
$580 Twenty MudGear race shirts $29
$25 Screen Charge (one color) $1.25
$70 Screen Printing $3.50
$12 Shipping $0.60
$687 Total $34.35 Total per shirt


Turnaround time is usually 3 weeks but may vary based on demand.  Email to get started.