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Mudgear Ruck Sock ( Gray/ Black)
Mudgear maker of best Ruck Sock
Best rucking socks by Mudgear
Socks for rucking made by Mudgear
Best socks for rucking - made in the USA
Mudgear - Best ruck socks Gray Black
Mudgear Ruck Sock - MADE TOUGHER - Made in the USA
Mudgear Ruck Sock - Rucking races
Best socks for rucking - Gray Black
Mudgear Ruck Sock - Rucking challenges
mudgear ruck socks

MudGear Ruck Sock (Gray/Black)

Regular price$30.00
  • DURABLE - Toughness tested by die-hard ruckers and event cadre.
  • COMFORTABLE - Merino wool cushioning paired with trail running performance.
  • FAST WICKING - Moisture management where it's needed most plus natural odor control.
  • VENTED - Top layer mesh venting reduces heat build-up
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The MudGear Ruck Sock is a tactical hiking boot sock with tough yet comfortable merino wool to cushion and prevent blisters.

Maintaining our legacy of functional style for maximum miles, we’ve pulled out all the stops to deliver the MudGear Ruck Sock.

MudGear worked directly with die-hard ruckers and ruck event cadre to understand their unique needs and produce a premium Ruck sock that blends the best of traditional tactical and performance sock elements. Every detail of the sock is engineered to be tough, durable and comfortable under weight and over long miles.

MudGear Ruck Socks have an unapologetically superior design.

While most traditional tactical boot socks use a single yarn construction, the MudGear Ruck sock utilizes four functional fibers to execute specific performance elements where they are needed most for fit and function.

The footbed and heel pocket are the most critical areas for comfort, abrasion resistance, and moisture management. We selected a high-grade merino wool and polypropylene blend that feels as good as it functions. While soft to the touch, the combo achieves incredible toughness, durability, and the added benefit of natural odor control.  You'll be able to go ruck or hike for many miles.

One of the best advantages of the MudGear Ruck Sock is the form-fitting construction of the foot arch between heel and toe areas. Compared to the best alternatives on the market, the MudGear sock has a snugger fit with more stretch. A Nylon/Spandex blend borrowed from our top-rated trail running socks keeps the Ruck Sock stable, reducing the foot movement that leads to friction and blisters.

If you're wearing 2 pairs of socks, you have the wrong socks

Other top sock brands are known to require a sock liner to prevent blisters. The superior stability of the MudGear Ruck Sock reduces movement and eliminates the need for a sock liner. The thickness of the footbed and heel pad are dialed in for use as a single layer. In a sport where every ounce and piece of gear is scrutinized, your socks should be self-sufficient, not needing a supplemental comfort item. Less is more.

The arch design features vertical channels for moisture movement, and additional temperature and moisture control is provided by mesh ventilation features on the top of the foot.

Rucking is all about moving with a purpose while leaving no person or tool behind. That’s our mission too. MudGear Ruck Socks - We’ll Get You There.

MudGear Ruck socks are proudly made in the USA and feature a lifetime guarantee.