MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves (1 Pair)


  • Low profile padding protects your elbows and forearms
  • The padding is perfect (not to thick, not too thin).  And they don't absorb any water to weigh you down.
  • High quality elastic top band creates a secure fit that doesn't slip.
  • 2 sleeves included

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Arm sleeves are a statement.  You are showing up on race day ready to attack the course and pound hard.

MudGear Padded Arm Sleeves were built for tough outdoor competition in obstacle course racing, but the solid construction makes them a great compression arm sleeve and protective pad for other outdoor sports. Unlike most indoor padded sleeves, the padding is a dense low profile design that does not retain water or sweat.

No slipping during intense training and competition

The pad material is lightweight and less bulky, fitting tightly against the elbow and forearm.  A premium quality upper band with rubber grip inside keeps the sleeves from slipping during intense training and competition.


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