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MudGear Hybrid Training Sock (RED)

Mid-height performance sock with superior ankle support for strength & fitness racing (CrossFit, DEKA, HYROX)

MudGear Hybrid Training Sock (RED) is Made in the USA
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  • VENTED - Top layer mesh venting reduces heat build-up 
  • SMART STITCH - Event-specific, strategic stitch pattern    
  • STABILIZATION - Enhanced ankle support
  • ELITE FIT - Never-slip light compression 
  • MADE TOUGHER - Made in the USA 
  • 1 Pair

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“Finally, a sock as versatile as my fitness... made for strength and speed!”

Product Description


Purposely HYBRID

The HYBRID athlete does it all. He’s tough, but fast. She’s the specimen of functional fitness. Oh, and competitive? Don’t get us started. We have seen friends from every avenue of athleticism jump on and dominate the HYBRID fitness race craze. So, we engineered a nod to your WOD. It’s a sock built fast and tough specifically for the HYBRID athlete. The height, the fit, the light compression and the strategic stitching were all designed for athletes who tackle life one station at a time. 

Put Your Foot Down

MudGear’s origin story catered to obstacle racers who needed to pick’em up and put’em down quickly even in the muddiest conditions. The HYBRID athlete, however, is forced to step hard and then harder. Whether it’s extending through a row station or grinding into the ground, searching for every trace of traction as you push/pull an oversized sled, you want a sock that feels good when nothing else does. So, we complimented our already popular lateral stitching down the length of the foot with a comfortable breadth-size cross section at the ball of foot where pressure builds while you’re digging down. 

We Support You

Like Jerry Maguire, we went on a “Help us help you” fact-finding mission to see what athletes need from a sock when running is secondary. Top CrossFitters and HYBRID all-stars shared a common interest in enhanced ankle support. So many HYBRID stations include fast, weight-bearing movements that increase chances of rolling or spraining an ankle when not being careful. So, MudGear’s HYBRID Training Socks have specialized stitching for added support around the ankle. It’s not thick or intrusive, but it’s enough to keep athletes subconsciously mindful of careful foot precision without becoming a distraction.

Red Hot

These socks aren't just red. They're Flamenco red. No. Not the bird (that's a flamingo). "Flamenco" like the hot and spicy Spanish dance. HYBRID fitness racing and training involves a unique dance-like blend of strength, speed, agility and endurance. Watch video of a functional fitness phenomenon in slow motion, and his/her moves are nothing short of red hot artistry.

Infographic of MudGear Hybrid Training Sock (RED)

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear

mudgear functional fitness socks


Someone said "getting banged up" is part of the functional fitness experience, but we don't think your feet have to suffer. Even when fitness racing as a HYBRID athlete, you shouldn't have to choose between a fast workout and a safe one. That's why MudGear HYBRID Training Socks were built with added support and protection around your ankles and the balls of your feet. The end result is a durable sock that feels comfortable even when nothing else does. Your feet deserve nothing less as they are the foundation of a sturdy stance and strong resolve. Functional fitness demands functional footwear. Gear up with MudGear HYBRID Training Socks today!

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