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MudGear Crew Height Socks - White

Perfect Mid-Height Trail Sock for Running, Biking, Gym Work, and Everyday Wear. Below-the-Calf Crew Cut with Lower Shin Support.

MudGear Crew Height Socks - White is Made in the USA
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  • DURABLE - For countless steps, jumps, and foot-focused training   
  • COMFORTABLE - Cushioned foot bed and soft premium yarns
  • FITTED - Snug but breathable fit feels custom tailored
  • VENTED - Top layer mesh reduces heat build up 
  • MADE TOUGHER - Made in the USA

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“These are my favorite indoor training socks - especially on LEG DAY! They lead up to my calves. Then, BAM...enjoy the show!”

Product Description



We stepped away from our usual dark colors as homage to MudGear's growing community of hybrid athletes and stadium racers. Their world involves less mud, but every bit the grit. 

White socks symbolize clean reps, even when you're putting in the dirty work of multi-station sufferfests. Plus, there's something unassuming about an all white sock that almost dares the competition to let their guard down. BIG MISTAKE. The doubters should have remembered MudGear socks are MADE TOUGHER for a reason. It's because everything matters: the fit, the feel, the durability, and now, the color!


We needn’t tell you MudGear Crew Height Socks are built from the finest American yarn blends - only because that has become the MudGear standard. The Crew have the same strategic thread placement and medium compression as our signature trail socks (the original ¼ Crew). We continue to obsess over proper ventilation, moisture management, and abrasion resistance.  However, none of that matters if they don’t leave your feet feeling amazing. Just like our shorter socks, Crew delivers everyday comfort you won’t find from lesser brands.


Every aspect of our socks are deliberate. The foot bed is soft and cushioned, which is especially important when grinding down to push or pull a workout sled. However, they're not thick in a way that will hold sweat. Ventilation on the lower arch and upper foot allow for air flow and to help with drainage. The sock wears comfortably despite being built to shed water quickly. Plus, with its higher cut, Crew makes it easier for you to show off those stems after a few sets of calf raises or farmer's carry.


We’ve received incredible feedback about how these socks fit. They’re high and tight enough to keep out rocks and debris when you're running trails, but comfortable for hours of foot strike. It is annoyingly distracting the way some socks fall down during the repeat impact of jacks, box jumps, burpees, and the like. However, MudGear Socks always stay firmly in place throughout every workout... no matter how many times you wear and wash them.

Infographic of MudGear Crew Height Socks - White

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear


Crew height accommodates the masses. Trail runners like that they're not too short; gym rats like that they're not too tall. Before MudGear, the problem with crew socks was trying to keep them up during up-and-down ground pounding. Not any more. Plus, this new twist on retro white delivers a clean, almost polished statement of, "Just another day at the office." It just so happens, you're in the business of kicking a** - AND BUSINESS IS GOOD!

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