Mudgear - 5" Crew Height Trail Running Sock Gray/Black
5" Crew Height Trail Running Sock - Strong and durable
Mudgear - 5" Crew Height Trail Running Sock Made in the USA
Obstacle course trail running socks by Mudgear
5" Crew Height Trail Running Sock for men by Mudgear
Obstacle 5" CREW HEIGHT TRAIL RUNNING SOCK for men and women
MudGear Trail Running Socks Size Chart

5" Crew Height Trail Running Sock (Gray/Black)

Perfect Mid-Height Trail Sock for Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Everyday Wear. Below-the-Calf Crew Cut to Keep Out Debris and for Lower Shin Support.

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  • Comfortable and close-fitting
  • Strong and durable - Made in the USA
  • Medium cushion footbed and supportive arch
  • Ventilated for cooling and moisture-wicking
  • Medium Compression around lower shin

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“I find most running socks too thick or thin. This casual cushioning is just right, and the height is on-point. You guys get me!”

Product Description



We’ve heard story after story from customers reminiscing about their first race. They once thought “any socks will do.” That’s adorable. By the time they come to us, they’ve already learned the hard way that everything matters: the fit, the feel, the height, and the durability. MudGear 5” Crew Height Trail Running Socks are the perfect hybrid for runners wanting to protect more than their ankles, but who don’t need the maximum coverage of our taller compression socks. These crew height socks land well above the ankle but below the calf with a firm but comfortable fit. 


We needn’t tell you MudGear 5” Crew Height Trail Running Socks are built from the finest American yarn blends - only because that has become the MudGear standard. The Crew have the same strategic thread placement and medium compression as our signature trail socks (the original ¼ Crew). We continue to obsess over proper ventilation, moisture management, and abrasion resistance.  However, none of that matters if they don’t leave your feet feeling amazing. Just like our shorter socks, Crew delivers everyday comfort you won’t find from lesser brands. 


Every aspect of our socks are deliberate. The footbed is soft and cushioned but not thick in a way that will soak up water or hold mud. Ventilation on the lower arch and upper foot allow for air flow and to help with drainage. The sock wears comfortably despite being built to shed water quickly. Plus, with its higher cut, Crew makes it easier for you to show off your calves and the MudGear fist for everyone to see. 


We’ve received incredible feedback about how these socks fit. They’re high and tight enough to keep out dirt and rocks but comfortable for putting in long miles. Our athletes say they like feeling the added support of medium compression between the ankle and the calf. It’s never painful or distracting, but you can tell it’s just tight enough to keep the socks in place in any condition. Whether crawling over walls or under wires, MudGear 5” Crew Height Trail Running Socks serve as lower shin guards but without any added pressure on your calves.

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Crew height accommodates the masses. Trail runners like that they're not too short, but they're not too tall. Before MudGear, the problem with crew socks was trying to keep them up during up-and-down ground pounding. Not any more. With careful design and testing, MudGear has complimented the perfect sock height with the perfect amount of compression making MudGear 5" Crew Height Trail Running Socks your new favorite fit!

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