Brute Force / MudGear SandBag Collab [Limited Edition]

Brute Force / MudGear SandBag Collab [Limited Edition]

Ultra Durable Sandbag for Non-Traditional Strength-Training and Heavy Running/Rucking.
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“This bag has maximized my workouts in ways only a MudGear / Brute Force collab can. Does not disappoint!”

Product Description



No more choosing between lean or mean, fast or strong. Strength training is an essential part of every competitor's training - especially with ultrarunners, hybrid athletes, and ruckers hungry for superior explosiveness and durability. The Brute Force MudGear Sandbag offers a convenient way to add weighted versatility to everyday workouts. Lift it, carry it, slam it, abuse it. This sandbag is built to take whatever beating you can dish out.


There's a common trend between people who prefer cement or metal free weights over sandbags. They've never tried sandbags! Once you have, the benefits are a no-brainer. Metal free weights bang, bruise, crack or break everything they bump. That leaves you having to "be careful" in ways warriors were never meant to be. Meanwhile, sandbags can be dropped, thrown, or slammed without leaving permanent "I'll pay for that" damage with every movement. Plus, sand moves and conforms in ways solid metal never will. It's why you don't swing a barbell or drape kettlebells across your shoulders. Yet, you can use the same sandbag for running, curling, presses, swings, and any other strength-based workout you can imagine. 


The verdict is in, and the science is solid. Standard reps with standard weights deliver standard results. Sandbags deliver a new and higher standard. The sheer weight of sand will challenge your primary muscles, but it's the unpredictable sand shifting within the bag that also demands engagement from your stabilizing muscles. Suddenly, every movement demands a little more core for stabilization.   


With 8 strategically placed handles, the Brute Force MudGear Sandbag can be grabbed from every direction. No matter how it lands when dropped or slung, there's always an easily accessible handle for a quick reload. Of course, the bag's versatility doesn't stop there. Adjust your weight load from 35 lbs. to 50 lbs. by simply adding more sand into the inner bag and seal it back up. Then, easily turn a basic workout into an explosive HIIT session by bringing everything you've got. MudGear and Brute Force specialize in building durable gear to build a more durable you! 

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Golly gee, sweetums, are you looking for some superfun gear that you can play around with while staying cute and comfortable? WELL, KEEP LOOKING! The Brute Force / MudGear Sandbag Collab was built for nothing short of getting fit while working out some pinned up aggression. With 1000D Cordura, 5 panel seat belt webbing, and military grade closures, anything less than your meanest, grittiest workouts would be downright offensive. So, show this bag some respect by refusing to be gentle!

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