Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)
Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)

Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)

Premium Compression Socks That Promote Circulation and Muscle Stability. Run, Hike, Work, Recover, and Repeat.

Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green) is Made in the USA
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  • If You're On Your Feet A Lot, You'll Love These!
  • Strong and Durable - Made in the USA
  • Constructed with Premium Yarns
  • True Graduated Compression
  • 1 Pair
“I raced the entire season in my MudGear socks and loved them.”

Product Description

Made Tougher, Like You.

In a world where socks were too soft...

In 2012, we fell deeply in love with Obstacle Course Racing.  It ripped us off the treadmill, out of our comfort zone, and unleashed us into the wild outdoors.  Events like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, BattleFrog, and Savage Race tested us and our gear to the limits.  We learned that gym socks got soggy in the mud, and that sheer compression socks got shredded on ropes.

We set out to make a tougher compression sock.  

MudGear was born to do what nobody else could do; make a performance sock resilient enough to withstand outdoor race conditions and tough enough to help protect racers from the cuts, rope burns, and other injuries common in obstacle course racing.

They Said It Couldn't Be Done - They Forgot About American Muscle

The American sock industry has a long history of quality engineering, but cheap labor gave rise to importing.  While others cut costs and cut corners, we knew the world's toughest and best socks should be designed and made in the USA.  Leveraging decades of experience with top brands, our designers are experts in the technology of performance sock construction.

Using Premium Yarns and Strong Construction

The difference comes from starting with American yarn blends that are chosen for their durability and comfort.  Next, we engineered our socks to achieve specific performance results for their ventilation, moisture management, and abrasion resistance.  We built a true graduated compression profile that is optimized for athletic performance and recovery.  In layman's terms, our socks stay put and make your legs feel great.

And Tested In The Worst Conditions Possible 

Normal testing of compression socks involves stretching them to measure the strength and passing them through a simple abrasion test to see how quickly they show wear.  Our testing involves putting them on the world's top obstacle racers and trail runners for trips up and down mountains all day in all types of weather.  We test for wicking by fully submerging them in muddy water, and we test abrasion by climbing up and down ropes.  

Through It All, We Were Made Tougher

Nobody said it was going to be easy.  We heard a lot of "it's not done that way" and "it's not practical".  But all the trials and trails made us tougher, and we're now proud to offer the world's best socks for Spartan Race, trail running, rucking, or whatever outdoor adventure you think of next.  

Infographic of Tall Compression Socks (Black/Green)

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear

Over Engineered By Design

We intentionally over-built the full-length MudGear Tall Compression Sock to meet the demands of obstacle course racers and surpass your expectations. The result is true graduated compression made from premium American yarns.

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Matthew P.
United States United States

Best on the Market!

I love these socks! The compression definitely helps with leg fatigue over longer distances. And the thickened pad on the back side of the sock is a major plus on rope traverses. I've have a few pairs and will definitely be back for more!

United States United States

Great socks for therapeutic recovery

I hit the trails…. hard. These socks work great for me. They work even better at night to remove the inevitable swelling in my calves and ankles. I wake up refreshed and ready to hit it again. Made in USA!! Thanks MudGear!!!!

Joshua S.
United States United States


Haven't hit an OCR course just yet but so far, my Mud Gear socks have been awesome. Running, burpees in the backyard, more running and some kettlebell workouts. This looks like the start of a beautiful thing.

United States United States


Love these socks!

David M.
United States United States

Company that stands behind their product

I am a long time mudgear sock wearer. I love them for OCR and the tall compression are amazing for travel as well to prevent fatigue. I noticed some odd wear patterns in a few pairs. I contact support and they were very helpful and after a couple of emails, i was sent replacements for my socks under warranty. This is the kind of service that you want to see. Someone who stands by a great product and takes care of their customers!

Ryan T.
United States United States

Exactly as described.

Great compression socks. Have only used them for running so far. Will try them in a Spartan Race in a couple weeks.

Nicholas K.
United States United States

Great socks

I bought one pair just to test them out. Awesome socks. Perfect level of compression and you can’t even feel them when exercising. I have hairy legs that tend to sweat and most socks start to sag. These stay perfectly in place. Worth every penny.

United States United States

Great socks, great support.

I've worn these socks for a few years now and so do enjoy the support they provide. Additionally, any interactions I've had with the company have been great...very timely and professional responses.