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MudGear Custom First Responder Red Line Compression Sock (1 pair)

Firefighter-Themed Custom Compression Socks that are Durable for Hours of On-Site Service; Comfortable for Station-Wear Recovery

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  • 360° Printing
  • Strong and Durable
  • Advanced Moisture-Control
  • Light Compression

To learn more about how to make your own custom and co-branded MudGear socks for your group or organization, visit our Custom Socks page.

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“Two of my workout buddies are firefighters. So, it's cool to be able to honor them while wearing a product that helps me excel in my training.”

Product Description

Forged in Fire

More than Medals

In racing, crossing the finish line first means winning a medal. In emergencies, getting there fast can be a matter of life or death. Firefighters and police are trained to never lose sight of what’s at stake. Just like elite athletes, first responders train hard to always be at their best. MudGear is honored to be part of that process.

Compression Obsession

Since 2012, MudGear has specialized in compression socks designed for both performance and recovery. Our original, graduated compression socks became a staple among racers logging major mileage. They said it helped with their blood flow and reduced cramping. We even heard from several who wear them during post-race recovery and on long flights to avoid blood clots. With the addition of these light compression socks, MudGear is now enjoyed all day and throughout the week by nurses, teachers, police, firefighters, and countless other professionals who find themselves on their feet for hours at a time.

360° Printing | Thin Red Line

MudGear’s recent addition of 360° Printing now allows us to apply sharp and colorful custom designs without sacrificing the premium quality of our apparel and namesake. One of our first priorities upon adopting this technology was to honor the men and women who show up in response to life’s most dangerous calls. MudGear Custom First Responder Red Line Compression Sock displayed on a distressed American Flag reminds us of our first and last line of defense against raging fires.

Gear That Perseveres   

As committed as we are to serving MudGear athletes and teams, product integrity is especially important when supporting America’s emergency response team. We continue to utilize our trademark blend of premium yarns for unmatched durability, superior moisture handling, reliable fit, and seamless toe for maximum comfort. The end result is a sock that is fashionably reliable - just like the heroes we serve.

Infographic of MudGear Custom First Responder Red Line Compression Sock (1 pair)

Product Features

Why Choose MudGear

over the calf running socks

For Heroes & Supporters

Our Red Line compression sock was built for firefighters, friends, family, or anyone who has been impacted by these undercelebreated heroes. Light compression delivers a no-slip fit suitable for a workout or the work day. Enjoy training, racing, serving or saving in these epic, custom socks.

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